New Rider Course

New Rider Course


When you take a New Rider Course at the Riding Academy you’ll:

  • Learn to ride on a genuine Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.
  • Get in-class and on-range instruction from Motorcycle Safety Foundation® (MSF) and H-D® Certified Coaches.
  • Learn to safely accelerate, shift, brake, and turn, along with maneuvers like controlling skids and surmounting obstacles.
  • Earn an MSF Basic RiderCourseSM Completion Card, which may (varies by state) exempt you from the riding and written portion of your license exam and score you a discount on motorcycle insurance.




How much does it cost?


What will I need to register?

You'll need a valid automobile driver's license or learner's permit, and have the ability to ride a bicycle.

Do I need any special gear?

You'll need to bring the following:

  • Your Driver's License and/or Learner's Permit
  • Proof of completion of any pre-required course study
  • Any materials provided to you prior to or during class
  • Long-sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Long pants (heavy denim or riding pants recommended)
  • Over-the-ankle boots (sturdy, not canvas, low heel)
  • Eye protection (helmet visor, eye glasses, sun glasses, goggles acceptable)
  • Full-finger gloves (motorcycle specific recommended)
  • DOT-certified helmet style based on the requirements of your state.

What bike will I ride?

For the riding portion, we will provide you will a Harley-Davidson Street® 500 from our Riding Academy fleet. 

What do I need to do to earn my motorcycle endorsement?

You must attend the entire course and participate. You must come to class with all the required safety gear and have completed the MSF online E-Course and pass the riding evaluation at the end of the range sessions. 

Do we get a lunch break?

Yes. A lunch break is incorporated to all full days of Riding Academy.

I already know how to ride; can I just take the test?

Yes. However, we recommend that all riders take the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy Class to learn the rules of the road.

What if I need to reschedule?

Contact the Riding Academy Manager at 409-840-6969 as soon as possible to get rescheduled into another class.

What about the weather?

Riding Academy classes take place rain or shine, hot or cold. Be ready for whatever your local weather might have in store for you. In the event of dangerous weather, the class will be halted. Arrangements will be made to adjust the schedule around the weather if possible. Consult with your Coaches and or Academy Manager if weather results in a class being rescheduled or cancelled.  

Will I be experiencing an actual Harley-Davidson® motorcycle?

Yes! The bike you try is a 100% street-ready Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.